Jade Tiger Abalone Expansion

Jade Tiger Abalone is proposing to expand its Indented Head aquaculture facility. It will involve:

  • Expansion of the adult abalone production facility will comprise approximately 700 shallow concrete tanks housed in two new all-weather black out shelters.
  • The expansion of the current Nursery and Weaning facility for the production of juvenile abalone will involve the installation of approximately 220 new polyethylene tanks housed in new buildings.
  • An additional concrete pumphouse.
  • New drains to carry water from the blackout sheds to the settlement ponds prior to gravity fed return to Port Phillip Bay.
  • New intake and discharge pipes. The final number, size and length is yet to be determined.
  • Additional staff amenities, car parking and workshop.

The expansion will include state-of-the-art technology to enable environmentally sustainable and efficient abalone production.  It will result in the creation of 41 local jobs by September 2018.  The new jobs will make Jade Tiger Abalone one of the area’s biggest employers and economic contributors.

We have developed an information sheet and Frequently Asked Questions which provide more details.

We are very keen to hear from interested community members about any concerns or questions they may have about this proposal.

Or please contact General Manager Anton Krsinich directly, on info@jadetiger.com.au

Community Open Days and Tours

It’s important for Jade Tiger Abalone to be a valued part of the local community, and a key part of this is welcoming the community in to our operations.


We are holding two tours of our facility to talk through our current operations and proposed expansion:

  • Tour One: Thursday 17th September at 5:30pm
  • Tour Two: Saturday 19th September at 10:00am.
  • Booking essential as numbers are limited: Contact us on (03) 5257 2033 or info@jadetiger.com.au

We recently hosted the Indented Head Community Association and local residents for a tour of the farm culminating in a morning tea with a special abalone tasting.   Our staff enjoyed showing off our farm and answering the many questions of our neighbours.  It was a great experience for all.

Green News

Jade Tiger Abalone works constantly to improve its impact on the environment.  Everything we do exceeds the minimum requirements of our environmental licences and obligations.  We do more than is legally required because we want to minimise our impact on the beautiful Indented Head environment.  Click here to read about beach erosion works, burying of offshore pipes, tree planting and the reduction of noise emissions from our pumphouse.

Jade Tiger Abalone Fast Facts – Local Economy

  • We currently employ 25 full time staff from the Geelong and Peninsula regions.  Half of our employees come from Indented Head and St Leonards and the majority of our casual workforce is sourced locally.
  • We employ local tradespeople and use local retail services.  Our earth moving, concreting, logistics, truck rental, engineering, electrical, grounds maintenance and diving needs are all serviced locally.
  • We are proud contributors to the St Leonards Progress Association Fishing Competition, the St Leonards / Indented Head CFA Annual Auction, and the Indented Head Yacht Club Wreck to Reef Swim.
  • And as local retailers know, our staff regularly buy their lunches and much-needed coffees locally!


Want to learn about the life cycle of an abalone?  Follow this link.

A little known fact…

Did you know that abalone is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, especially for women?  It has been highly prized for its apparent libido-increasing qualities with the result that it is has been over-fished.  Jade Tiger Abalone is a great contributor to the world’s appetite for abalone without impacting the fast diminishing wild abalone.  You could say that Jade Tiger Abalone is also a great contributor to love!

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