Corporate Social Responsibility


Craig Mostyn Group’s Board, Management and Staff believe that we have a responsibility to not only deliver a solid financial performance but to also share in the needs of our society to deliver a sustainable future for our community, the environment and our workplace – the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Business

Craig Mostyn Group (CM) places a high priority on its ‘sound licence to operate’, which includes its sustainability and community responsibilities. Our diverse business operations reach into many Australian communities. We embrace a number of principles which the company seeks to continually improve on these include:

  1. Maintaining and enhancing the physical environment in which we operate, including managing farm land degradation, minimising carbon emissions, improving water and energy efficiency;
  2. Treating all of our livestock in a humane manner;
  3. Treating all of our stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and customers and the broader community with decency and respect;
  4. Investing in the community through partnerships, programs and charitable donations over and above the direct economic benefit CMG provides; and
  5. Acting accordance with high ethical standards.

CM people

CM aims to recruit and retain a highly motivated team of management and staff with the best available skills and experience. The Board oversees and receives monthly reports about CM’s people policies and programs. The Group is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for its employees and contractors.


CM supports an inclusive and diverse work environment where employees have equal access to career opportunities, training and benefits. Refer to 1.10 Equal Employment Opportunities Policy.

Ethics and integrity

CM’s Code of Conduct (previously Ethics) Policy promotes ethical and responsible decision-making by all directors and employees of the CM Group. Refer to 6.5 – Code of Conduct.


The Group is committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner and identifying environmental risks that may arise out of its operations.

As a leading producer and marketer of fresh meat and produce, Craig Mostyn operates a comprehensive quality assurance program and is committed to quality, safety and the humane treatment of animals; including

  • Doing what’s right; and
  • Making the most of every animal we handle

CM in the Community

The Group is a responsible corporate citizen and actively supports the communities in which we live and work. As a part of its community the Group may contribute to charities that are relevant to it. The giving might be undertaken for a number of possible reasons, such as:

  • The charity/cause may enhance our staff’s connection to the Group;
  • The association with the charity may enhance our brand standing with customers or suppliers; and
  • Our shareholders may ask us to.


We also support the following charitable causes:-

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Puffin Magic Foundation

Garvan Research Institute

Cure Cancer Australia

The Sydney Medical Foundation

The Fremantle Foundation

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