Benefits of using fishmeal in animal feed

Poultry (Broilers)

Faster growth and better-feed conversion giving lower production costs
Improved immunity and less loss of performance from disease challenge, including vaccines
Better results in the absence of routine dietary medication
Better development of nervous system and bone structure etc.
Fewer losses from carcass condemnations due to sepsis, inflammation, cellulitis etc.
Changes composition of fat in meat with incorporation of low levels of long chain omega-3 acids (DHA and EPA). More effective than any other ingredients in doing so. Results in meat with a better fatty acid make-up in terms of omega-3: omega-6 ratio and presence of DHA and EPA, without compromising meat quality

Breeding Birds / Layers

Higher productivity
Better disease resistance
Improved fertility – both in males and females
Nutritional value of eggs for humans improved through deposition of the omega-3 fatty acids


Faster growth – especially early weaned pigs
Improved feed conversion
Lower allergenic reaction in early-weaned pigs compared with other non-milk proteins
Improved disease resistance – especially for pigs fed diets without medications
Improved fertility – more pigs born
Improved composition of fat in meat – DHA and EPA deposited in the meat.

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