Amelia Park Lamb & Beef

Amelia Park Lamb & Beef is grown naturally in the pristine South West of Western Australia

Amelia Park is a name associated with quality. The Craig Mostyn Group are proud to deliver premium quality meat, beef and lamb with exceptional taste and tenderness to your table.

The Amelia Park Story

Amelia Park was established in 1957 as a family-owned business. The brand was named as a tribute to Amelia Curtis, the lady that first leased land in the Busselton region of WA to V&V Walsh.

Today, Amelia Park brings you the best beef and lamb products straight from Western Australia’s pristine countryside.


Amelia Park Beef

Our team sources Amelia Park’s renowned beef and lamb from farmers located in the South-West of Western Australia. Only the best lamb and beef from top breeders are selected for our brand.

To ensure the utmost quality, our Amelia Park Beef undergoes a rigorous grading process, which is recognised as MSA (Meat Standards Australia). We evaluate various aspects such as the beef’s age, PH levels, marble scores, and fat colour to ensure only the highest-scoring beef is selected after grading.

The young cattle flourish on this high protein diet that ensures the beef and steaks are guaranteed meltingly tender and succulent. Depending on the season, premium grass fed, grain-fed and milk-fed yearling beef is available in both carcass and part carcass form.

Amelia Park Lamb

We have a large range of prime Western Australian lamb products available to suit your requirements.

Our lamb rack has gained a reputation over the last 15 years as a highly sought-after product by restaurants throughout Australia. Now, some of our other lesser-known cuts such as the shank, eye of loin, shoulder, and tenderloin are also gaining the recognition they deserve.

We offer a wide selection of prime cross-bred Western Australian lamb products that cater to various customer requirements throughout the year. Our premium lamb is guaranteed to be available year-round, from the spring’s sucker lambs to winter’s grain-fed lambs.

Customers can easily find a wide variety of Amelia Park Lamb & Beef meal-ready options on retailer shelves throughout Western Australia.

Our high-quality products are readily available in butchers, local supermarkets, and leading restaurants across WA.