Pure Pork

We believe the best-tasting pork comes from pigs raised in a natural and pure environment


Pure Pork is a brand produced and owned by Craig Mostyn Group. We supply our Pure Pork products to the food service industry and wholesale outlets internationally.

Pure Pork is sourced exclusively from our outdoor farms. We believe the best-tasting pork comes from pigs raised in a natural and pure environment. We are committed to producing only the best and purest pork from Western Australia’s vast pastures by raising our pigs the right way.

Our Pork

Our farm is surrounded by Karri Forest and freshwater sources, providing our pigs with an immaculate natural environment. We give them balanced diets of locally grown grains, producing quality pork without unnecessary elements. Our expert farmers are committed to preserving the natural living conditions and physical environment, ensuring its sustainability.

We have high standards of animal welfare. Our pigs are born and raised outdoors. These systems are internationally recognised as being both welfare-friendly and low greenhouse emitting. Pure Pork’s farm is recognised by the AAWCS as a Certified Livestock Welfare System.

Pure Pork

Our Values

We let pigs be pigs. We believe in letting pigs roam free, eat, drink and live naturally. Because when the animals live the way they should, the meat tastes the way it should too. This not only influences the taste of our pork but also the quality of the lives of our pigs.

Our Products

All of our Pure Pork products are supplied directly to you. Pure Pork offers high-quality pork at a competitive price. We can deliver whole sides of pork as well as boxed primal cuts. You can taste the benefits of our commitment to quality and natural purity in every bite of Pure Pork.