V&V Walsh

V&V Walsh is one of the largest meat processors and exporters in Western Australia

V&V Walsh

In June 2022, Craig Mostyn Group and V&V Walsh announced they
had reached an agreement to fully combine the two proud Western
Australian family-owned agribusinesses.

In 2017, Craig Mostyn Group purchased 50 per cent of V&V Walsh, one of the biggest meat processors and exporters in WA. Vern and Jean Walsh established the business in 1957. Under the guidance of two generations of the Walsh family, V&V Walsh grew from humble beginnings in a butcher’s shop to become the largest meat processing facility in Western Australia, where the pristine livestock growing areas of the Southwest are the perfect environment for producing high-quality lambs and cattle.

With a strong track record of success, the business has forged its reputation based on customer service.

Today, V&V Walsh is proud to be a major meat supplier to Australia’s leading supermarkets & butchers. V&V Walsh exports its meat products globally and were proud to become the first company in the world to be granted a license to export chilled lamb and beef to China. Now that our Chinese customers can purchase our range of chilled vacuum-packed beef, lamb and mutton products, demand for Australia’s finest continues to grow.

Amelia Park Beef & Lamb

Amelia Park is our brand for premium beef and lamb products. Customers can find a wide range of retail-ready Amelia Park Lamb & Beef on retailer shelves across WA.

Amelia Park products are sourced from renowned beef and lamb farmers in the Southwest of Western Australia. Only the best lamb and beef from the top breeders are selected to be an Amelia Park product.

Amelia Park’s quality products are available in butchers, local supermarkets, and leading restaurants across WA.


Beef Products

V&V Walsh’s deeply flavoursome beef comes from hand-selected cattle of specific breeds. The livestock is placed on a strict grain diet used by some of the best lot feeders in Australia. The young cattle flourish on this high-protein diet that guarantees meltingly tender and succulent beef.

Depending on the season, premium grass fed, grain fed, and milk fed yearling beef is available in both the carcass and part carcass form.

Our Amelia Park Beef undergoes a strict grading process recognised as MSA (Meat Standards Australia). The beef’s age, PH levels, marble scores and fat colour are all evaluated. Only the beef that scores highly is selected after grading all these aspects.

Lamb Products

Our lamb is a truly special product, thanks to years of hard work and dedication from our local suppliers. They’ve perfected their breeding, feeding, and farming practices to ensure that all our lambs meet strict specifications. This has resulted in tender young lamb meat bursting with flavour.

Our lambs are reared on the lush pastures of stress-free farms with vast open paddocks. We move our lambs to purpose-built sheds when the paddocks dry up during the hotter months. This is where they are placed on a grain diet and fed undercover. This feed lotting ensures that we consistently produce quality lamb year-round.

We offer a wide variety of prime cross-bred Western Australian lamb products to suit every customer’s needs.