Our Rendering division, known as Talloman, uses world-class, low energy, zero waste processes to produce high quality, nutritious, feed ingredients from inedible animal by-products. These products are utilised by the pet food, aquaculture, pig and poultry industries in their finished feed

Aerial view of Talloman facility

Using world-first science and technology managed by our highly qualified and experienced team, our process is the definition of sustainable. We recycle animal by-products into valuable ingredients, reducing landfill and benefitting the environment.

Rendering, rather than sending waste to landfill, reduces the carbon footprint by 90%. In addition, the tallow from the Press Dewatering System is ideal for biofuel production, because it is low in both nitrogen and sulphur.


Located in Hazelmere, less than 8km from Perth Airport, the introduction of our low energy Talloman rendering plant has seen a significant reduction in our operation’s carbon footprint through major gas savings as a result of using waste heat evaporation technology.



Originally developed for the car industry, the Tomra Polyfinder is the only known machine of its kind identifying plastic contaminants in Ovine Protein in the world. 

It will remove the large quantity of plastic contaminants that otherwise pass through the system. The benefit of this technology is the prevention of unexpected and costly recalls. The aim is for a product that is 99.95% free of contaminants.


This provides a real time analysis of product quality through in-house infralysing. The benefit of this is real-time active management to ensure premium product quality control of ash, protein and other key product elements.


The Hydroyser breaks wool down into digestible protein. The benefit of this is ensuring the high protein content of the product.


Other Products

We can supply varying mutton grades to meet our customers’ needs. Our frozen boneless and bone-in mutton products are expertly cut and packed to cater to various markets throughout the world. Additionally, we produce top-quality lamb and beef offals, which are carefully trimmed and packed according to our customers’ specifications. Frozen lamb and mutton runners (green) are also available and can be packed to customer requirements.