Terms & Conditions

As a leading producer and marketer of fresh meat and produce, Craig Mostyn operates a comprehensive quality assurance program and is committed to quality, safety and the humane treatment of animals.

Free Range

Craig Mostyn is committed to the principle of “free range” farming. Currently, more than 25 per cent of the pigs processed in Western Australia come from free-range farms. The Company will continue to migrate its pig population to free range over time.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Each state has legislation aimed at protecting the welfare of animals. In Western Australia, Craig Mostyn operates under the Animal Welfare Act 2002, which prohibits an act of cruelty on an animal. It also requires that a person in charge of an animal exercise reasonable care to prevent such acts occurring.

Industry Standards

Craig Mostyn adheres to a strict Quality Assurance Program across its operations. The Company is independently audited by industry authorities against voluntary and mandatory Standards and requirements such as AUSmeat, HACCP and Pig Pass.


– AUSmeat draws on the collective expertise across the meat industry to maintain and verify meat products comply with a range of Standards.


– Hazard Assessment Critical Control Procedure (“HACCP”) is an internationally recognised food safety standard.


– Craig Mostyn is regularly independently audited against HACCP requirements.

– Craig Mostyn operations comply with the Australian “pig pass” requirements. It is also a member of the Stock Feed Manufacturers Association (“SFMA”), the Australian Renderers Association (“ARA”) and the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (“PFIAA”)

Food Legislation & Regulations

Every state and territory has a Food Act that businesses operating in the meat industry must comply with. Craig Mostyn continues to meet its requirements under The Food Regulations 2004 and the Food Standards Code.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)

Craig Mostyn adheres to DAFF requirements dealing with the enforcement of food laws in relation to imported and exported food products. DAFF is responsible for ensuring that all foods that are imported into Australia comply with Australian Food Standards and foods exported meet required certification requirements. Australia’s quarantine policy is based on risk assessment and management of the potential introduction of exotic pests or diseases.