Craig Mostyn Protein Trading

Craig Mostyn Protein Trading is one of Australia’s leading marketers of feed ingredients

Protein Trading

Our company acquires animal, marine, and plant protein from suppliers worldwide and distributes them to customers across the globe.

Our expertise in transportation (via sea, rail, and truck), storage, processing, and timely delivery ensures that our products meet our customers’ quality and specification requirements.

Our performance in terms of nutrition, quality, and food safety is continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure that we maintain our high standards.

Our Experience

For almost a century, since 1923, we have traded various products globally. Throughout this time, we have been at the forefront of creating new industries and exploring emerging markets.

Our team comprises industry professionals who possess extensive skills and experience. We have honed our expertise in sourcing and delivery to guarantee that our customers receive top-quality products every time, delivered punctually, without fail.

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Our Bespoke Solutions

Our experience in the industry gives us a competitive advantage in sourcing mainstream products. We have established a growing reputation for providing customised protein solutions. Whether through our superior sourcing networks or our in-house production facilities, we take pride in introducing new and innovative products to the market. This commitment to innovation has been a hallmark of our business for close to 100 years.

Your Benefit?

Our operations take place within a rapidly evolving and dynamic world. As a forward-thinking and progressive company, we’re at the forefront of our industry, guiding it towards its future. Our core focus is on discovering and sourcing the products that you require.

Our Protein Trading Division is a part of a nearly century-old enterprise that has garnered more than 20 accolades in the industry for setting the bar high in terms of excellence.

Upholding our reputation is a top priority for us, which is why we have established stringent policies and procedures to ensure that we solely engage in business with trustworthy third-party entities, offer high-quality products, and consistently and dependably deliver these products to our clients.

Our influence is far-reaching and continually expanding. Powered by the robust infrastructure of the Craig Mostyn Group, we currently hold a substantial market share in the protein trading industry throughout Australia.

We enjoy enduring relationships with numerous suppliers and customers who remain steadfastly loyal to us. Our products are distributed to countries on every continent, and we remain committed to broadening our horizons by exploring new territories.