Jade Tiger Abalone

Jade Tiger Abalone is renowned for producing high-quality abalone and has earned the reputation of being the product of choice for chefs all over the world

Jade Tiger Abalone

Australia-Grown Abalone

The rare and celebrated Jade Abalone is grown and nurtured in the Great Southern Ocean. It is known for its green tiger-stripped shell.

Jade Tiger Abalone is based on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. In 2020, we completed work on Australia’s first and only on-site abalone processing facility. This head site covers ten hectares, and it can produce over 200Mt of abalone per year.

We also have 2 other locations with access to pure and cold waters for growing abalone. Each site consists of a hatchery, nursery, grow out and export facility.

Our Product Range

Jade Tiger Abalone is the only Australian abalone producer which offers live, frozen and canned abalone from our unique pristine locations. We export our products to international markets such as China and Singapore.


Live Abalone

Our specialty is the delivery of live abalone globally. Jade Tiger’s live holding facility can hold up to 10mt of live abalone ready to ship, direct to major cities across the world.

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Canned Abalone

Being the only Australian abalone producer with an on-site canning facility gives us full control over our product’s quality. We have full traceability of our stock from abalone spawning to processing into cans. With minimal use of processing aids, our canned abalone preserves the sweet and naturally tender texture of abalone.

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Frozen Abalone

Jade Tiger Abalone’s quick freezing process maintains the freshness and flavour of live abalone. Our frozen range includes abalone whole-in-shell or meat only. The meat-only frozen abalone is fully cleaned and ready to use for a variety of dishes including braising and hotpots.

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Abalone Pouches

Jade Tiger value-added abalone pouches are ready to be heated and enjoyed. These pouches have our abalone precooked in either brine or superior sauce, making them a popular product for gifting.

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