Corporate Social Responsibility

The Craig Mostyn Group places a high priority on its ‘license to operate’, which includes its sustainability and community responsibilities. Our diverse business operations, work in and engage with several communities across Australia.

Quality and Ethical

We embrace, and continually seek to improve on, a number of principles including:

Treating our livestock in a humane manner.

Taking a ‘tread-softly’ approach to our physical environment.

Treating everyone equally and with respect.

Investing in the community through partnerships and programs.

Adhering to the highest of ethical standards.

The Environment

At the Craig Mostyn Group, each year we place a focus on reducing our environmental footprint, improving year upon year. 

Our largest facility, Talloman, has managed to reduce its level of Scope 1 emissions by purchasing more energy-efficient boilers.  

The levels of BOD/COD wastewater emitted into our anaerobic ponds continue to reduce each year.


Charitable & Targeted Donations Policy

Over the past 12 months Craig Mostyn Group has continued its charitable donations to our regular partners, including sponsorships. 


Our businesses continue to support local community organisations with sponsorships that can take many forms including financial contributions, in-kind donations, volunteer hours and other forms of support.

CM Farms

Whistleblower Policy


Modern Slavery Statement