Talloman Waste Water Upgrades

Talloman is our Rendering Division that produces high-quality feed ingredients from animal by-products

Tuesday November 28, 2023


Being a good neighbour in our local community is just as important to Talloman as the critical recycling service we provide to Western Australia’s meat processing and livestock industries. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened recently, with an unpleasant odour being emitted from our site which has been far in excess of what is acceptable.


As is often the case, many factors contributed to the increased odour levels. The primary cause was increased nutrient loads on our ponds which unfortunately occurred during an upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant. This planned upgrade will have mid to long-term benefits but has created a short-term odour impact. And all this happened during seven days of unrelenting easterly winds and >35 degree heat.


We have tried a number of fixes, some worked to an extent, others such as attempting to divert product to landfill, didn’t.

Activities we are currently implementing to resolve the issue include:

These activities either occurred over the weekend or will be implemented early this week as we strive to reduce our impact on our neighbours.


Talloman hope this provides some indication of the seriousness with which we view this issue and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience it has caused.