PrintLocated in Hazlemere in Perth, the Talloman operation processes mixed abattoir material, fat and bone, blood, feather and poultry by products.

Tallow & MBM

The mixed abattoir material is processed through a world class low energy rendering plant commissioned in late 2010, producing high quality tallow and MBM.

The introduction of this low energy plant has seen a significant reduction in the operations carbon footprint through major gas savings as a result of using waste heat evaporation technology


Poultry by products are processed through a high temperature continuous disc cooker which has been retrofitted with a waste heat evaporator leading to reduced gas usage. The resulting poultry by product meal is of pet food grade (low ash) and is highly sought after by both the pet food and aquaculture feed manufacturers.

PBM is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for fish meal in aquaculture diets as fish meal availability is static or in decline.


Feathermeal is processed in a continuous hydrolyser, before being dried out in a continuous stainless disc drier.

The Environment

All factory air, point source odours and non condensable gases are treated in a large biofilter comprising four cells, oversized to allow the plant to operate effectively on three cells if one requires maintenance.

Moisture levels and watering of the biomass are all computer controlled with tri daily visual inspections to ensure compliance with license conditions.

Waste water is treated through a series of covered anaerobic lagoons before being passed through an activated sludge plant removing  nutrients before discharge to sewer.

The plant processes in the vicinity of 140,000 tonnes of raw material per annum.

Product Range

  • Meat & Bone Meal 50% Protein
  • Poultry By Product Meal 65% Protein
  • Feathermeal 80% Protein
  • Bloodmeal 90% Protein
  • Tallow Bleachable Fancy 4% FFA
  • Tallow Bleachable Fancy 2% FFA
  • Poultry Oil 4% FFA


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